So, why

"Well, Jeamland was the name given to a "Dreamland" that two people - Stark and Rafe - managed to break into in Michael Marshall Smith's outstanding book "Only Forward" (a list of internet resources for Mr. Smith are available here).

The description was "Imagine that you are five years old and trying to say the word 'dreamland'," and talks a lot about the types of dreams that you have when you are five, and trying to grasp the innocence that you only felt when you were five - old enough to understand it, young enough not to be jaded by it.

When Andy, Julian, and myself were playing with the talker system whilst still at University, I was reading this book, and thoroughly enjoying it, and had this idea that a world that we were creating, a world that we could shape as we wanted it to, that was where our dreams went; or rather, what our dreams could become. It was an attempt on my part to say that the talker was our jeamland and that it was a little bit of fun to say that we would make it what our dreams dictated. So, the talker became known as the Jeamland talker system and remains known by that name to this day.

Just play." - Mr Mike Wallis.